Mauritius in pictures

So I vacationed in Mauritius this July and had been thinking of sharing the beautiful pictures of this wonderful island. Before the year ends and before I proceed to new holiday destination, I am sharing few photos of this must visit place especially if you are travelling with your kids. Ille aux cerfs Grand Baie … More Mauritius in pictures

Sushi Love

Its a lazy Sunday and it just struck me today that I have a blog which is being neglected quite a lot these days. I am too busy tweeting these days that I have practically no time to see what’s happening on this side of the planet. On a side note, I would be happy … More Sushi Love

Planning a vacation with infants: Top 10 things to keep in mind

Traveling with infants is a tricky thing. You have to compromise a lot on the options that you want to consider. You can’t plan a trip that has a lot of city hopping or within the city also you can’t roam around throughout the day.. the infant needs rest. In short it becomes a vacation … More Planning a vacation with infants: Top 10 things to keep in mind

Knock knock

Hola lovely people! Apologies for my inactivity on the blog..Though I have been missing from this space for a while but I am in no way oblivious to all the awesome content posted by my fellow bloggers. Just had a little announcement to make. After a long hiatus of more than ten years from social … More Knock knock

The Mirror 

When the mind is unclear and thoughts are scattered.. When the world seems like a difficult riddle..impossible to solve When the blitheness and contentment fades away from your life When the heart seems heavy and the world feels meaningless See nothing more than the mirror.. Gaze deep into it to see your true self The … More The Mirror