See you soon

My eyelids are heavy,

With fantasies of spending time with you.

With hopes pinned and fanciful reverie 

I wait for you.

Waiting for you all these months patiently,

Knitting dreams of spending time with you in numerous ways,

While tugging the special bond that you and I share,

That is unfamiliar to the rest of the world,

I wish to see you very soon. 
With each passing day,

I am impatient to hold you in my arms,

And tell the whole world that you are twin soul.

My hopes and aspirations all clutched in your beautiful fingers

I wait to see you and be with you.
And rejoice every beautiful moment that beholds your coming.

For I have waited long enough.

All I want now is to listen to you endlessly

And just keep gazing at you.
Come soon as I wait impatiently for you.


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