Oh boy! It’s been long time

I know its been a long time since I shared anything on my blog. No thoughts, no anecdotes, no inspiration lines bcos I have been busy all these days. Infact I have a very good reason to be away from you all. I am a mommy now to a cute little boy 😊😊😊 and he has been keeping me super busy all these days. 

He is 2 months old now and right now playing with his grandparents which I found as the perfect opportunity to share the news with my small little world here. 

I thought of telling this long back when I was preggers but wasnt finding the right opportunity. Honestly it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Those 9 months were filled with anxiousness, curiosity, mood swings (yeah typical mood swings while I thought I was the most adjusting and accomodating person on the face of earth) and ofcourse a lonnnnggg wait. But this was also the time when my baby and I had the most precious moments that nobody else could steal from us. And I did not want this time to end. And guess what.. it didn’t. My baby was a full term baby (which means he was in my womb till 40 weeks) and had no plans to come out after that too. If you remember my last post, it was for this little frog jumping in my tummy .. not willing to come out and I wrote it during one of my visits to the doctor.

So finally I had to go for c-section and on the dawn of 3rd August, I saw the sunshine of my life crying his lungs out..wanting to be held..not sure where he has come or what was happening..but for me it was a beautiful experience..I don’t know what I was feeling but it was a sweet feeling which is very difficult for me to express. And since then my life has changed completely. 

I have no idea how these two months have passed. In these two months he has become more important than people with whom I have several years of relationship.

My world in one frame

I had my days of happiness, joy and gloominess too on some days but I just know I cant live without this cute little monkey now. 

I have a lot of things to share. One post would not be enough and I hope to write more soon. 

Till then I am signing out to go and wash some dirty nappies πŸ˜‰


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