The Housewife

She works day in..she works day out. With blood, sweat and tears she makes a home out of a house. With affection and fervor, she does her duty. Expects nothing in return, not a reward or a praise for her sedulous interest and activity. She takes care of each and every member in the family. She is the one who remembers everyone’s favourite dish primarily. She never forgets social commitments. Takes out time to buy groceries and make sure the laundry is done; the kids study well and no rules are bent. 

Yet we forget to thank her. We forget to let her know what her selfless love means to us. We despise her. We fight with her. We never realise how our world will come crumbling down if she’s gone even for a single day. Because our tiniest things are known to her. 

And it’s not that she can’t work or she is less than a working women. She is brave enough to choose her family over work. While she could have very well enjoyed the air conditioned cabins of corporate life. Yet she chose us. To look after us. So that the men can go to work with free mind. Not worried about home or kids. She is the courageous warrior in the world. For she had the power to choose. And she chose the difficult path. She chose the house. She is the Housewife. 

Let us shower some love and respect for housewives in our life be it our mother, wife, sisters because they are truly special for showering selfless love!!!


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