Travel Diaries: My experiences in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Hello lovely people! Am so happy to write after a long time. Believe you me I have been missing this space and though I am pretty tied up in work and studies and what not, I wanted to share my beautiful experience at Bhimtal where we went recently for a short vacay with family and friends.

Bhimtal is a small town in Uttarakhand, en route Nainital, popular for a lake that also houses a small island. Though one can go for paragliding, handgliding and so on, we decided to totally relax and stay at a villa which is an AirBnB. This villa, known as Magpie Retreat, situated on the backdrop of lush mountains and a huge expanse of the lake to behold, was an amazing place to stay and enjoy the tranquillity of the town.

Though the approach of the Villa is pretty tricky and tedious, once you are there, you would not like to move out. Each room has attached kitchen so that you can you do your own cooking which was perfect for me considering we had an infant.

Sharing with you, some pictures  of the Villa and the picturesque it offered us.





img_9459The view from the balcony


The Villa is a perfect getaway for honeymooning couple. The calmness in the air will repose your souls and rejuvenate you for your hectic life schedules.

Apart from the stay, we also enjoyed at the lake. SK and I went Kayaking and boy, I was too bad at it. I was pretty scared during the whole time. Nonetheless it was a thrilling experience.


We also did some bird watching. Yes I am tring to learn the art of capturing good pictures.


We also discovered a Cafe which was very plush and pretty interesting with intriguing interiors. To be honest, Cafes are more of a recent concept and all our childhood, we have been to restaurants and dhabas when we go to hill stations, so it was a good change. This cafe is also called ‘I Heart Cafe’ is run by an American couple. The ambiance was very cool and chilled out. I personally feel that this cafe is going to upturn the value of this sweet little town in the times to come. Sharing with you some pictures of the Cafe.


And finally we ended the vacation by celebrating SK’s birthday with a cake from our dear son.


I strongly recommend you guys to check out these two places whenever you are in Bhimtal. I am surely coming back for a quick getaway soon 😉



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