Knock knock

Hola lovely people! Apologies for my inactivity on the blog..Though I have been missing from this space for a while but I am in no way oblivious to all the awesome content posted by my fellow bloggers.

Just had a little announcement to make. After a long hiatus of more than ten years from social networking sites, I have joined Twitter recently. And though the main purpose of joining was to take refund of my money stuck in an e-comm website..that seems to be no way near to possibility. Meanwhile I have started enjoying twitter though I am li'l unsure what I am doing there.. I still love to read bundles of information coming my way.

And so I invite you to connect with me on Twitter so that we can interact more often..bcos I consider it to be a good medium to exchange thoughts, views and what not easily in short sentences..even when you are having your 'Writers block' moment.

My twitter handle is @kaulmemegs

Looking forward to more interactions with you guys 🙂



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