Travel Diaries: Ko Samui, Thailand

Travel is not just about sightseeing..its a change that goes on..deep and everlasting that influences our ideas of living and our way of thinking. A journey on which we embark on to have some change in life, leads to a change in us without us knowing about it. I had a similar experience when we traveled to Ko Samui, Thailand recently.

Ko Samui is an island in the Surat Thani province in Thailand which is known for its serene beaches and hospitable environment. The island thrives on tourism industry and people are so cordial and friendly that at once you’ll not realise that you are a tourist.

We visited the island in second half of last month when it was not exactly ‘touristy’ yet the place was flocked by people from different if it is a melting pot with more of foreigners and less of local people.


We stayed at Peace Resort on Bophut Beach which is just 10 minutes away (walking distance) from the Fisherman’s Village. The Resort had its own private beach which was the best part about it. So our everyday routine would include going to the beach, SK and our kiddie playing in the water while I would comfortably place myself on one of the chairs and read my kindle.


The resort had cottages of different sizes and were equipped with best services. We were provided a cot and the best part was that a baby bottle sterilizer was such a relief.

The resort had a perfect view of the clear blue sky and clean water of the deep blue sea which was a pleasure to watch each day while sipping finely made mock-tails with sumptuous sea food.

Ten minutes walk from the resort would take us to the Fisherman’s Village- our daily evening routine. The Fisherman’s village is a long street filled with quirky shops and numerous cafes, bars and restaurants serving multiple cuisines.





We had some really lip smacking dishes at few restaurants. I totally enjoyed thai cuisine and a must try is the veg/ chicken/ prawns in Massaman Curry. The other dish that I thoroughly enjoyed was Pad Thai Noodles.

Crab with Avocados

We also watched Fire Dance at the Coco Tams which was really thrilling.


The Monday Night Market at the Fisherman’s Village Street near the Wharf was pretty interesting with some really awesome food stalls and dozens of shops.


We also visited Big Buddha which was a nice experience in itself..The statue is really huge and once you are up there, the view of the city is simply mesmerizing


We visited Wat Plai Laem which is also a Buddhist temple recently built. What was intriguing was that there were small statues of Lord Ganesha, Vishnu and Shiva also in the temple which are all Indian gods. We could not find out any connection. The worst part was that there was no guided tour or a Guide to explain us how the Indian Gods surfaced in Thai temples. This is something probably the tourism boards can work upon.


The Viewpoint is another place that is not to be missed. It actually had a beautiful view of the ocean merging with the sky which was breathtaking.


More than the scenic beauty and the coziness of the resort, it was the simplicity of people and their amicable attitude that made me love the place. People are warm and friendly and will greet you like they know you forever and at times entertain your kid so that you can enjoy your meal. And their friendliness at any point in time would not be invasion of privacy or would offend you because they know how much to talk and when to stop.

All in all, it is a wonderful place to chill and have wonderful and precious time with your family and friends. It is a place that will make you think that life is not that tough..if all in its earnest we smile and embrace every tough situation that comes our will always be beautiful..just like the souls of people of this cute lil town


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