The Housewife

She works day in..she works day out. With blood, sweat and tears she makes a home out of a house. With affection and fervor, she does her duty. Expects nothing in return, not a reward or a praise for her sedulous interest and activity. She takes care of each and every member in the family. … More The Housewife

See you soon

My eyelids are heavy, With fantasies of spending time with you. With hopes pinned and fanciful reverie  I wait for you. Waiting for you all these months patiently, Knitting dreams of spending time with you in numerous ways, While tugging the special bond that you and I share, That is unfamiliar to the rest of … More See you soon

Be with you

On silent nights when the world has called it a day When the leaves on the trees are nothing but silhouttes in pale light I get to spend time with you. After a day long of work and being away from you I get to sit with you, feel you Tell you all about my … More Be with you